Wild Water Purifiers




We install various under counter water filter units from single cartridge type, double stages and triple stages to custom drinking water filters.

The 5 Stage water purifier units also called reverse osmosis purifiers have five stages of water purification. The heart of the purifier is the reverse osmosis membrane. Ultra fine water purification.
Fridge filters, ice machine and coffee machine water filters are also installed providing your fridge, ice and favorite coffee with great taste.
Reinstallation of water filter unit. Often kitchens get remodeled and people leave rented apartments/homes. Removal of existing units and reinstallation of the water filter units.



Older water filter units often require extra filter housings, new piping and connections. Over many years of service the connections get clogged up due to the many impurities in the municipal water.

Drinking faucets: old taps/faucets can leak due to the years of use.  A new faucet can make a big difference to the overall look of the sink area.

Water Servicing


Water filter units and purifiers often get forgotten once they are placed under the counter. Every unit has a service record placed onto the inside of the cupboard door and the customer will be informed when their  water filter service is due.

Point of Entry House filters


Point of entry water filtration will provide the entire home with safe to drink water. All incoming municipal water will therefore be filtered into the homes piping, geysers, appliances and of course the kitchen taps.