Wild Water Purifiers


My name is Gary Levy,  I have been involved in the Health & Wellness industry for over 30 years. I am passionate about health. I have been practising as a sport’s massage therapist for the last 30 years.

How I got involved in the Water filter business?

When my daughter was 6 months old she went onto formula. For the first couple of weeks I was schlepping plastic bottled water from the supermarket home.  I was then told by a colleague to simply boil the tap water and this would get rid of the chlorines and odours and make it safe for my daughter to drink. So we began boiling the water and waiting for it to cool down every time we needed clean safe water. Besides it being a tedious task, I was not convinced that by merely boiling the water, it was going to be safe enough for my new-born.

I started researching and looking into the best way to provide safe to drink water for my daughter. A friend of mine introduced me to a water filtration supplier who installed a 5 stage water purifier unit in our kitchen and my daughter had safe to drink water on tap.  We soon realised that not only would my daughter benefit from drinking clean , safe water but we would too, so we started using the water purifier for all our food preparation from boiling, rinsing our produce and even making ice cubes!.

As a massage therapist I have many health and environmental aware clients who were looking for ways to eliminate the purchasing of plastic bottled water. After experiencing first-hand the incredible benefits of using a water filtration system I offered the filters to my clients as a way of both supporting the environment and having safe, clean drinking water on tap. Most of my clients have subsequently had a Water Purifier or a Filter unit installed.

Being a hands on person installing water filter units came naturally and installing, servicing and giving advice was an additional way of extending my health related  services.

What drives me to do Water filtration?

My aim is:

  • To provide the individual and family’s with safe to drink water.
  • To aid in supporting the planet with less plastic build up.
  • To help people to spend less on the overpriced bottled water..
  • I listen to my client’s health concerns and only promote what would suit their wellness requirements and their budget.

The best compliments I hear once a water filter unit has been installed

  • We should have had a water filter units installed 10 years ago!
  • So great not to see all those plastic bottles.
  • My coffee and teas taste so much better.
  • My kids have great tasting water 24/7.
  • So great not to smell that Chlorine fuzzy smell!